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About Us

Bringing out the best in every woman and girl, a saree is for sure an attire that stands up to this statement. Being one of the most versatile outfit of Indian culture, it can be seen worn by women on different occasions, be it a wedding, formal event or any family get together. Taking into consideration, the love of women for sarees, we, Karappan Silks manifested in the year 1977 to fulfill the demands of ladies in having beautifully designed sarees that make them stand out of the crowd in an exceptional way. As a manufacturer, we continuously try to bring new designs and patterns of Silk sarees, be it Traditional Silks Wedding Silks, Cotton Silk Saree, Pochampally Saree, Soft Silk Sarees or any other. Built with a mission to not only bolster but offer Textile Industry with the finest collection of silk sarees, we continue to render an assortment that is a perfect duo of style and comfort.

Art of Manufacturing Silk Sarees

Silk being the queen of textiles has been dominating the entire textile industry since time immemorial with its sensuousness and elegance. Since India stands at second position, when it comes to production of silk, contributing to approximately 18% of the entire production of silk in the whole world. Bulletined below is the manufacturing process of our vibrantly colored and quintessentially designed silk sarees:
  • Once the silk thread is obtained from the cocoon, it is dipped into liquid color
  • These silk threads are then put together to make silk fabric
  • Obtained silk fabric is used for creating our amazingly beautiful collection of sarees
  • Later, depending upon the requirement, process of printing is done
Rendering Elegance of Indian Silk Sarees

Indian Silk Sarees have been the living examples of exceptional craftsmanship rendered by the best weavers from the nation. This mastery mainly comes from the heart of silk producing region, South India. Beauty of South Indian Silk Sarees is incomparable to any other because of its floral designs, fine geometry, vibrant colors and beautiful textures. Not only South Indian sarees, but other states also have their own traditional way of making their respective variety of silk. At Karappan Silks, we bring all varieties of silk form entire nation together by manufacturing our sarees in a manner similar to the ones woven by the traditional weavers of that particular region.